Manufacturing Plants


Haldia Operations


Manufacturing Plants

Approximately 130 km south of Kolkata, the PET resin plant at Haldia started commercial production in September, 2003 with a capacity of 1,40,000 TPA. In 2005 the capacity was expanded to 1,80,000 TPA, which was further increased to 200,000 TPA in November, 2007 by de bottle-necking- Our PET resin plant is rated among the world’s most advanced PET resin manufacturing facilities. It was established with world-class German technology.

To cater to the growing world market, we have to establish a new 210,000-TPA PET resin plant which was commenced in FY 2012-13 with state- of-the-art German technology. The said plant is located adjacent to the existing plant.

The Haldia Plant’s capacity has been increased from 4,10,000 TPA to 4,80,000 TPA from December, 2016.

Haldia is a city and a municipality at Purba Midnapore in West Bengal. It is a major port on River Hooghly, one of the tributaries of the Ganges, located around 50 kilometers southwest of Kolkata port. The Haldia factory is situated 7 km from the port, giving it an advantage on the logistics with respect to imports and exports.

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Karnal Operations


Manufacturing Plants

The PET resin plant at Karnal which is near IOCL refinery started commercial production in September, 2014 with a capacity of 2,16,000 TPA. The Plant is based on Uhde-Inventa-Fischer’s patented, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient Melt-To-Resin (MTR®) technology.